This class is focused on Strongman implements (Atlas Stones, Kegs, Axles, Yokes, etc.) in a strength-biased conditioning program that will complement our traditional CrossFit programming.

Anybody (yes, truly anybody) can do this class. Despite the name, “Strongman” isn’t just for men or for the hulking beasts you’ve seen on ESPN2. The Strongman movements are the true definition of “functional movements” and match perfectly with “Large Loads, Long Distances, Quickly”, a foundational belief in CrossFit. 

Why Strongman?

  • Real World Strength

    • Nothing in the Real World is perfectly designed and loaded like a barbell. So, why always train in a perfect setting? Strongman and its use of “Odd Objects” best mimics the imperfect and sub-optimal nature that the Real World throws at you. Want to prepare for the unpredictable and imperfect Real World? Train like it.

  • Large Loads, Long Distances, Quickly

    • Whether it is a stone, keg, sandbag, sled, farmers handles, or a yoke, you’ll learn the best way to move a massive amount of weight while developing strength, speed, and power.

  • Old School meets New School

    • By combining Old School strength, developed by using simple, heavy objects, with the New School approach to programming and fitness we find in CrossFit, we generate a unique stimulus that cannot be matched by conventional tools like barbells and dumbbells.  

  • Strength meets Athleticism

    • Want to get stronger? Move heavy objects. Want to build cardiovascular capacity? Move your body. Want to develop both strength and athleticism? Move heavy objects, move long distances, move quickly, move with power. Sound familiar? Sounds like Strongman.

  • Fun

    • Barbells are great tools, but can get boring. Nothing is more empowering and fun than moving a large, heavy object. Everybody feels like a beast when they flip a tire, or carry a heavy keg, or lift a giant stone to their shoulder.